APR Replacement Air Filter For APR Intake - CI100001

APR Replacement Air Filter For APR Intake - CI100001

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APR Replacement Air Filter

*Image does not apply to all part numbers*

For fitment applications - APR intake models are in the first column, generations in the second, and applicable replacement filters in the third column.  

CI100001 - MK4 1.8T / 2.0L RF100001
CI100002 - MK4 2.8L VR6 RF100001
CI100003 - MK4 1.9 TDI RF100001
CI100006 - MK4 3.2L VR6 RF100001
CI100009 - B5 1.8T RF100011
CI100010 - B6 1.8T RF100011
CI100015 - B6/B7 4.2L RF100004
CI100018 - MK5 2.5L RF100001
CI100020 - MK5/6 2.0T (EA888) RF100001
CI100021 - B8 2.0T / 2.0 TDI RF100002
CI100022 - MK5/6 2.0 TDI RF100001
CI100023 - B8 3.0T / 3.0 TDI RF100003
CI100025 - MK6 2.5L RF100001
CI100030 - MK6 2.0L RF100001
CI100031 - MK5/6 1.4T RF100001
CI100033 - MK7 1.8T / 2.0T RF100001
CI100035 - MK5/6 2.0T (EA888) RF100001
CI100037 - B8 3.0T RF100015

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